Get Trained in
Agile Delivery
on a Luxury Yacht!

Discover How to Give Your Business an Unfair Advantage!

Get Trained in Agile Delivery
on a Luxury Yacht!

Discover How to Give Your Business an Unfair Advantage!

Bored with conventional classroom training?

Conventional classroom learning generally achieves low levels of engagement, particularly for business leaders and executives who have very little spare time.
Kaizen Voyage provides you with a unique learning experience, which allows you to disconnect from the distractions, hustle and bustle of your day job and relax into a unique environment, where you can fully engage with learning.

Put your worries on hold, relax, unwind, learn to unlearn, engage with expert tuition to Discover Your Potential...


Taste The Difference

Enjoy the cafe culture and culinary delights of St. Katharine Docks Marina
Network with your “shipmates” and collaborate to innovate new ideas to deliver value to your customers sooner.


Discover how to apply Delivery With Agility to Scrum to maximise effectiveness.

Discover the mindset of a Lean Agile Leader and the commercial benefits of Lean Agile Leadership

Get up and running with Scrum in just one Day! Learn today what you can do tomorrow.

Discover the commercial benefits of Delivery With Agility when applied

Life at
St. Katharine Docks Marina



The value of a great learning experience cannot be underestimated. Possibly one of the greatest investments you will make. ​

Upcoming Courses

Discover your potential with small learning groups, an exciting atmosphere and expert tuition.

Complete Scrum Master Course

22nd & 23rd June 2022

08:30 - 17:30

London, UK

2 Days

Carl Adamson

£1295 + VAT

Where are we?

Permanently moored in a prime location within the prestigious St. Katharine Docks Marina, London, adjacent to the historic Tower Bridge, Kaizen Voyager brings you the soothing sound of the rippling waters of the River Thames, against a laid back, picturesque backdrop of boutique cafes and fine dining.


Kaizen Voyager,
St. Katharine Docks Marina,
50 St. Katharine’s Way,
London, E1W 1LA