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Agilistix Ltd. is an award-winning Lean Agile consultancy, based in London, serving customers across the globe.

We are Lean Agile experts, with many years of experience with enabling businesses and their teams to maximise their effectiveness in delivering valuable outcomes to their customers sustainably and sooner.

We accomplish this through a proven, delivery-first, approach to training and systemic coaching of business leaders and their teams,

Our approach is simple, yet highly effective, encompassing back-to-basics Lean Thinking and popular product delivery practices, such as Scrum and Kanban, together with Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence. 

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As a Lean Agile consultancy, we stand by our statement of being “delivery-focused” because the primary commercial objective of our customers is for their teams to deliver their products and services more effectively, not to become Agile organisations simply for the sake of it.

Today, it is commonplace to hear of so-called Agile teams failing to deliver. Broken promises, poor quality, frustrated management, disgruntled stakeholders, unhappy customers, are often synonymous with the term “Agile”.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Once the commercial objective has been validated and finalised, we take a people-first approach training and coaching to deliver that commercial objective.

A delivery-first mindset, underpinned by a culture of people-first behaviours, leads to business agility. It is the agility of the business that delivers the commercial objective, not Agile.

We call this Delivery With Agility.


Delivery with Agility has always been the Agilistix brand statement. It underpins the culture of our business and the mindset and behaviours of our consultants.

Delivery With Agility is a powerful tool that will turn underperforming unhappy teams into highly productive, happy ones.

Happy People, Happy Customers, Happy Profits!

Agilistix Coaching


“…potential to perform is dependent upon the systems within and influencing the team”

Professor David Clutterbuck

Agilistix Enterprise Coaches adopt a systemic approach to embedded coaching.

We create a system (a way of working) within which, your teams can learn to perform!

We coach Agile behaviours, the Agile mindset takes care of itself!

It is often thought that coaching teams to develop an Agile mindset eventually enables them to bring about a change in Agile behaviours. For this reason, in general, Agile Coaches focus on mindset being a prerequisite for a change in behaviour.

However, from our experience of working with hundreds of teams, we have discovered that the inverse is true.

By coaching teams to adopt Agile behaviours and providing enablers to help them to adopt new Agile ways of working, the Agile mindset adapts accordingly and begins to flourish naturally.

We feel that there is some truth in these words, often attributed to Aristotle, “These virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions”. The focus is on doing, rather than thinking.

Our proven approach to coaching leadership at enterprise level and at team level allows organisations to focus on value Delivery With Agility.

Carl Adamson, Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Meet Your Trainer

Carl Adamson

I was a successful Project and Programme Manager at the time that I was trained in Scrum by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-inventor of Scrum. This awakened me to the commercial advantages that Scrum can bring to teams and their organisations. 

In 2014, I was truly humbled to lead my Scrum Team to win 2 UK IT Industry Awards for a major renewable energy project, Marine Data Exchange (MDE).

We did this by focusing on the “back-to-basics” of Scrum, delivering Increments in 1-week Sprints.

Today, MDE continues to manage offshore survey data for wind, wave and tidal energy projects around the UK. 

Having worked with hundreds of teams and thousands of Learners, I have realised the importance of having fun when learning.

Fun is fundamental to our courses, with the flagship of this approach being our training aboard our flagship Kaizen Voyager. A truly unique Learning Experience!